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Aialik Adventure - guide training

Sunny Cove offers pre season training for our guide staff. This year we were again fortunate to have one of the experts on Kenai Fjords join us. Mike Tetreau spent 20 years working as a resource manager for the National Park and currently consults with Kenai Fjords and Olympic National Parks. Peter Waterman, Brett Manary and I spent several days with Mike exploring Aialik Bay. This is our first camp site.

Abra Cove has spectacular waterfalls making even rainy day paddling beautiful.

Quite the campsite

Hiking in Aialik is challenging but offers rewarding views

One of our adventures involved paddling some infrequently visited lagoons. Late spring snow made dragging the kayaks into the lagoons easier

Even the experts have a difficult time telling a sea lion skull apart from a bear skull. We eventually decided it was a bear.

The sun came out to brighten our paddle to Aialik Glacier.