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Seward Adventures

Well...I had an opportunity to get out into Kenai Fjords National Park and Aialik Bay another tour boat. While its not exactly the one on one experience you'll get in a kayak it sure is a good way to cover some serious distance. We traveled through Resurrection Bay, along Caines and Calisto Head, into Porcupine Cove, around Cape Aialik and finally to Holgate Glacier before returning.

Before we even made it out of the Bay we had our first encounter with a North Pacific Sea Otter.
Then the Dall's Porpoise made their way over. The Dall's love to bow surf with the big boats.

As we made our way towards Cape Aialik we found ourselves in the middle of a show. Our boat captain had found a group of two pods of resident Orcas and set us up in a good position to view that allowed for plenty of distance to allow the Orcas space. Now, you may look at that picture and think..'wow, that looks pretty close to me!' Well, it is! Three of the Orca's made their way to the boat, swam UNDER the boat and then proceeded to give us a show that lasted at least 15 minutes.

Wow, right! Can't really top seeing something like that....

But, we tried our best and headed over to Holgate Glacier. The glacier wasn't overly active, but the day was beautiful!

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