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We were mugged by humpback whales!!

This is a first for us and for the boat captain Tanya. While heading out of Resurrection Bay for a three day Aialik Bay excursion our group encountered two humpback whales. Tanya saw them in the distance and stopped for some whale watching. As usual, she shut down the motors hoping the whales would come closer so that we could all get a good view.

Well, we definitely got a show. These guys wouldn't leave us alone for nearly an hour! Tanya could not start the motors because the whales were underneath us. This was a fantastic opportunity and Gunnar, our guide took advantage of taking some video. Both of our guides, Gunnar and Brett, and their guests, a family of five, were blown away. This was a once in a lifetime experience!

This trip was also able to make it to Pederson Lagoon. Luckily, the tide was just right to get into the lagoon and Gunnar was able to make this awesome video!