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Aialik Bay 5/28-30,2008

We started off the kayak/camping season with an international mix of adventurers. Karina and Simonette joined us from New Zealand, Adrian and Melissa traveled from Australia and Jerry, Beth and Megan flew in from Kentucky.

Spring in Alaska can hold surprises. Beaches are usually snow free by late May... Fortunately the weather cooperated. Lots of sun and comfortable temperatures made snow camping easy.

Guides Brett and Marika made sure we were well fed. Don't plan on losing weight on a Sunny Cove trip.

Paddling in the Holgate Arm is fantastic... cruising through the bergy bits.

While the days were active there was time to kick back and soak up some of this beautiful place.

The biggest challenge was having to leave. Fun people and a spectacular place made me wish we had another day or two to continue our explorations.