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Matt Barnes

Staff Spotlight - Matt Barnes

Matt is a fourth year guide at Sunny Cove which makes him our most experienced full time guide! Matt hails from Stone Mountain, Georgia and has spent the last five summers in the great state of Alaska. Here's a little info to help you get to know Matt!

Favorite Food: Eggs

Favorite Book: The Road

Favorite TV Show: LOST

Best Life Experience: Solo road trip across the country, up to Alaska, and back.

Best Alaskan Experience: Paddling with and between two "finners" (fin whales).

Wilderness First Responder
ACA (American Canoe Association) Level II Instructor
LNT (Leave No Trace) Trainer
NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Alum
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Why do you love to guide: Kayak guiding is more of a preoccupation than an occupation. It's a job impervious to monotony - where any average day's an adventure. It warrants my lateral drifting and brings equipoise to my impulses. I get to be kinetic while sedentary, steady over unsettled waters, buoyant over an abyss, and an ungrounded conduit through which others can experience a wild and visceral marine sanctuary.

Personal Statement: We travel down the road of mystery not to gain knowledge, but to deepen the mystery.