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Staff Spotlight: Emmy Powell

One of three members still remaining from the Sunny Cove guide class of 2017, we are very glad Emmy has joined us for another summer up in Seward. Emmy upped her game over the winter by getting various certifications in the coastal kayaking realm and is putting them to good use in her third season with Sunny Cove. Already a lead guide, Emmy was promoted to our Director of Communication as she is our most direct communicator.


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Emmy has enjoyed not staying put in one place for very long. This winter being no exception, she worked in the Sierra Mountains, spent time in Guatemala and accidently became a raft guide on the Rio Grande. Living by the mantra Stay Lost, she found a home in guiding because she is pretty bad at sitting still and doesn’t do well with screens so it’s kind of the only option left for a millennial in this world. “Being in wild and remote places is the only thing that has consistently brought me peace. I love experiencing these places through the fresh eyes of my guests.” Awwwwww

A professional Alaska State Food Handler, Emmy handles most of the fermentation that occurs in the guide cabin and makes a mean batch of sourdough. She is an official Kenai Fjords Junior Park Ranger and identifies her Alaskan spirit animal as the sea otter. Before she dies, she hopes to see a ghost, an alien and a leopard seal…preferably in that order. And this past winter, she rode a horse for the first time which brought a tear to her eye. Grey is her favorite color, but there is nothing dull about Emmy. Life at Sunny Cove wouldn’t be the same without her and we are excited to have her back for another season! If you would like to learn how to also accidentally become a raft guide, request Emmy as your guide and join her on the water for some interesting story time!

~ Danny