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Staff Spotlight: Cara Wallschlaeger

We are very excited to have Cara Wallschlaeger back for season two with Sunny Cove! Cara hails from Jackson, Michigan and when she only recently discovered that the surrounding Great Lakes around her weren’t actually oceans, she knew she wanted to plant some summer roots along the ocean shore in Seward, Alaska. Cara loves to show fellow travelers the beauty of Alaska and what surprises the ocean has to offer that day while adding the fun skill challenge of kayaking as a way to experience nature. She enjoyed her first season as a guide up here so much that she followed the humpback whale migration to Hawai’i and guided trips in Maui all winter. And we are thrilled to have her back again for round two.


Cara is another one of our guides who has done some worldly traveling. She completed an internship in New Zealand while in college and got her Master’s Degree in Sports Science while playing soccer and living in Germany and Switzerland. She also spent some time traveling through Central American and studied Kung Fu and Muay Thai in Thailand.

Cara’s next goal in life is to go for a snorkel with Orcas which she has dubbed “snORCAling.” She laughs at herself very hard every time she tells that joke, but nothing makes her laugh harder than watching her favorite movie Anchorman.

The loon was her chosen Alaskan spirit animal a year ago, but after not seeing one all summer, she abandoned the creature for the ever popular river otter. We are hoping she sees one this summer. An interesting fact about Cara is that she considers herself the alter ego of the comic book hero/villain Rogue from X-Men. She can’t fly though…yet. She is also by far and away the most competitive person on staff which made it very difficult for her to lose a mountain trail race just this week to the author of this blog by a mere 10 seconds. I may be seeing her Kung Fu skills after she reads this.

A ship is safer on shore, but that’s not what it’s built for is the mantra Cara lives by. Her favorite vessel to adventure offshore in is the baidarka. Not sure what that is? Come join Cara on an off the shore adventure to find out and experience the beauty that has brought her back to Alaska. She would love to have you join her on the water!

~ Danny