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Staff Spotlight: Russ White

Our summer season has kicked off and it is time to meet our crew. You may remember him from years prior, he’s one of our lead guides in his third year with Sunny Cove…meet Russ White!


Russ is a worldly man which fits well with his degree in International Business. After growing up in Massachusetts, Russ had short stints living in South Korea, Taiwan and Australia with his most recent adventure taking him to New Zealand for the winter where he put his kayak guiding skills to use in the southern hemisphere. His favorite thing about that experience was watching the toilets swirl the opposite way when he flushed.

Russ loves to guide because there is something new everyday and has aspirations of opening his own business in the future. His Alaskan spirit animal is currently the Grizzly Bear which if you are keeping track from last year, is a big change from the Steller Sea Lion. But Russ went through a lot of changes this past winter and came back a new man so it is fitting for him.

His most recent accomplishment was being named head Dungeon Master of the local Sunny Cove chapter of D&D. Don’t know what the means? Me either, but I’m trying to learn. One interesting note Russ wanted the world to know is that every time he has couch surfed, he ended up at a nudist’s home. Embrace the awkward is the mantra Russ likes to live by and we all felt a little awkward after he shared that information.

Onions are the main thing that make him cry, but if you are lucky, you may see him tearing up on the water with the beautiful scenery and wildlife we have in our backyard. Come join Russ on the water as we kick off what should be an incredible 2019 kayak season at Sunny Cove!

~ Danny