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Sunny Cove Offering First Ever Alaska to Hawai'i Paddle With The Whales

Following the footsteps of Amelia Earhart, Sir Edmund Hillary and Neil Armstrong, Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking has been working for the past few years to offer the first ever guided transoceanic expedition from Alaska to Hawai’i following the route of a pod of migrating humpback whales. This is not a trip for the faint of heart. If you think you are up for the challenge, read on to get trip specifics.

Be the first the migrate with a pod of humpback whales.

Be the first the migrate with a pod of humpback whales.

For a little background on how this endeavor began, Operations Manager Stephanie Millane explained, “People love paddling with whales, but the humpback population starts their annual Hawai’i migration in August and we don’t see them much after on our trips. So why not follow the whales on their journey?” Why not indeed?!

After spending a few years working out the logistics, Sunny Cove is ready to start offering this trip beginning in August 2019. The trip will begin in August on Fox Island where a good number of humpback whale sightings occur each summer. When numbers begin to dwindle, the expedition will start to follow a pod of humpbacks as they leave Resurrection Bay. The trip will travel down the Pacific Coast until the whales turn westward towards the Hawaiian Islands.

Worried about sleeping, food, bad weather?? We’ve got all that covered. We will carry tow ropes with us for the journey. When guests get tired or want to sleep, we will put a tow on one of the migrating whales for a boost. We at Sunny Cove have been doing extensive research on how to communicate with the whales by watching Finding Nemo and are confident in our ability to speak whale and communicate our needs with the pod. Fishing poles and rain catchers will provide food and water and we will ask the whales to avoid bad weather on their journey.

Now I know the first question that comes to everybody’s mind after reading this, “Can we pet the whales?” It is important to remember that these are wild creatures, but when the whales arrive back in Alaska in a couple months, we do plan on speaking with them to see if we could baby sit some of the juvenile whales to allow the adults to go for a deep dive in exchange for some hands on time with the pod. We should have more information on this in June.

This is a trip that has never been done before so think long and hard before deciding if it is the right trip for you. If it is, bring a nice camera and a positive attitude. And if you join us this year, you will be making history as the first ever humans to migrate from Alaska to Hawai’i in a kayak with a pod of whales. They will name high schools after you.

From all of us at Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking, we wish you all a great April Fools’ Day and hope to see you on the water…with the whales…in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

~ Danny