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Staff Spotlight: Danny Meuninck

We have come to the point of the season for our final edition of our Sunny Cove staff spotlight! And to finish off our series, we have saved none other than our very own lead coordinating, salmon nacho making, head blogger himself, Andrew Smith! Oh sorry, I mean Danny Meuninck! Really, they are one in the same and it is very difficult to tell the difference between these two bald eagles as they mature to adulthood. See for yourself.

Danny or confusing!

Danny is a leader amongst our guide crew, heading many parts of training and team building exercises throughout the season. His calm demeanor and level-headedness often exemplify an uncle or father figure and he is a sought-out mentor for our group. However, his quiet demeanor can quickly change when a game of cards, foosball, disc golf, corn hole or any board game arises. If he is a victor, he will surely never let you forget.

Danny hails from Mishawaka, Indiana and is in his sixth year guiding at Sunny cove. Before making his way up to the Last Frontier, Danny studied education at the University of South Carolina and continued studying and working in the education field down in Florida. The heat of the south got to him though, so he made his way to cooler climates and is now a year-round resident of Seward, Alaska. However, he still manages to remind himself each fall as to why he came to Seward as he spends a few months sweating in Malaysia teaching sea kayaking to students.  

A bucket list item for Danny is to paddle in Antarctica with penguins. His spirit animal is a wolf as he does well as the lone wolf or in a pack. So, if you would like to join Danny’s pack for an afternoon there is still one more week for you to get out on the water with him before he leaves us for Malaysia once again!

~ Russ