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Staff Spotlight: Cara Wallschlaeger

Today’s staff spotlight originally hails from Jackson, Michigan. If you stick your hand up in the shape of Michigan, someone from Michigan can show you exactly where Jackson is because people from Michigan love to do that. After spending her winter snowmobiling all over Wyoming, Cara wanted to be closer to her Alaska spirit animal, the loon, and decided to join us for her first season up in Alaska and we are thrilled to have her.

Cara's Mantra:  Go Pack Go!! (It's a sports thing)

Cara's Mantra: Go Pack Go!! (It's a sports thing)

Arguably the most competitive staff member on the crew, one of Cara’s biggest passions in life is her love for the Green Bay Packers and is currently competing for Alaska’s biggest Cheesehead fan. She has a hidden talent of swallowing whole ice cubes; and if you swallow one as well, her competitive nature will kick in and she will swallow an even bigger one.  She hopes to one day see Bob Seger live in concert and in the meantime can be found organizing games of anything amongst the Sunny Cove crew.

Cara is well traveled having been all over Europe, New Zealand, Central America, southeast Asia, and many of the national parks in the US. We are glad her travels have brought her up to Alaska this season because as she puts it, “I love to guide, because it’s a fun ride, I have a lot of pride, in the changing tide.” If skipping stone competitions are your thing, make sure to ask for Cara and you can literally spend the whole time trying to one up each other…with a little bit of paddling mixed in there.

~ Danny