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Staff Spotlight: Jon Piccirillo

Last of the Connecticut crew all the way from Lyme, CT, today’s staff spotlight is Jon Piccirillo. Jon spent the winter as a ski instructor in Vermont before deciding to make the trek up to Alaska and join us for the summer. Laid back in nature, he identifies well with his Alaskan spirit animal, the harbor porpoise. He is very skilled and can best anyone in the world at the game of Pocky and is proud to have a very calming affect on those around him. The most upset Jon has gotten all summer is when a client told another guide they had an even more calming voice than Jon. He cried a little.

Jon's Mantra:  Empathy is the most important trait in a person. 

Jon's Mantra: Empathy is the most important trait in a person. 

Jon loves to guide because he enjoys learning about new places. Probably the most well traveled of our guides, Jon has spent time in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia…hold on, need to catch my breathe…Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Monaco, Montenegro, United Kingdom, Nepal, and China and has rafted the entire Colorado River watershed, summited Mount Kenya…now he’s just showing off…rafted the White Nile, kayaked the Maine Island Trail, and biked from Spain to Greece. If you are into traveling as well, you can definitely pick Jon’s brain during one of our paddles. Come join him on the water and tell him how much of a jerk he is for going to so many cool places!

~ Danny