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Staff Spotlight: Russ White

The summer days are at their brightest with the summer solstice just behind us so there is still plenty of time to get to know our amazing staff. Please take some time to get acquainted with today’s staff spotlight…Russ White!

Russ' Mantra:  Embrace the awkward!

Russ' Mantra: Embrace the awkward!

Russ grew up in Massachusetts and went on to earn a degree in International Business. Wanting to experience different parts of the world, Russ went abroad and taught English in both South Korea and Taiwan and spent some time working on a cattle ranch in Australia. Before making his way to Alaska, Russ guided for three seasons in Acadia National Park. Russ is one of our lead guides at Sunny Cove and is in his second year guiding trips in our pristine surroundings.

Russ loves to dance and sleep in real late, which relates well to his Alaska spirit animal the Steller Sea Lion because they are playful and full of energy, but also love lying on rocks for long periods of time. Russ is a sea kayak guide by trade during the summer daylight hours and moonlights in the winter as a mailman in Bar Harbor, Maine. He ultimately would love to own his own farm.

An avid New England sports fan, Russ can be seen in his free time yelling at his computer when the Celtics or Red Sox do something wrong and don’t even try to talk to him about the most recent Super Bowl outcome. But guiding does help him relax and when asked why he loves to do it, “It gives me a chance to enjoy nature in a setting I would never be able to reach on my own and it is an extremely fulfilling experience to share everything you come to know and love with new people every day!” There’s plenty of time left this summer to join Russ on the water!

~ Danny