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Staff Spotlight: Seth Davis

Each year we are privileged to work with some of the best guides in the industry. Alaska attracts the best guides in the biz and we are fortunate to have such a great staff with us this year. We will highlight all our staff members throughout the summer and today is your chance to get to know one of our newbies...Seth!

Seth Davis Quote to Live By: " What's livin' if you never pull down your pants and slide on the ice."

Seth Davis Quote to Live By: "What's livin' if you never pull down your pants and slide on the ice."

Seth has spent previous years guiding groups of people throughout the national parks of the lower 48 and Canada while adventuring on the side in South Africa and Chile. Looking for a change of scenery, Seth spent the winter freezing in Wyoming to train for the Alaskan climate and shot up north to see what the Alaska wilderness was all about. Almost immediately upon arrival, Seth discovered that his Alaskan spirit animal was the Steller Sea Lion when a raft of sea lions continuously followed him around during training. Seth loves to guide because he enjoys showing people beautiful sights and wonderful creatures that they wouldn't normally get to see.

Seth's goal in life is to find the best soft pretzel in the world (with beer cheese of course) so if you have any suggestions while on the water with him, he's all ears. Originally hailing from Texas (which factually is a smaller state than Alaska), Seth is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and his proudest moment in life was when he shook Tony Romo's hand...a hand still unwashed today. Seth was not a fan of the most recent Super Bowl outcome when the rival Philadelphia Eagles took home the trophy and thus, does not get along well with the native Bald Eagle population in Seward. If you really want to see a bald eagle while on a trip, definitely request Seth to be your guide as our eagle population often fly directly over Seth's trips attempting to poop on his kayak to show their displeasure for his choice in sports team. It's a love hate relationship. 

We are happy Seth decided to join us for the summer and he has already made a great addition to our staff! To see for yourself, come join us on the water...this summer is shaping up to be a great one!

~ Danny