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Staff Spotlight: Emma Carey

The first of four of our guides to be profiled who hail from the Constitution State of Connecticut, Emma Carey is today’s staff spotlight. Emma graduated with a degree in Geography and Anthropology before becoming a registered Maine State Sea Kayaking Guide. After guiding trips along the New England coast, Emma moved out to join us in Alaska last summer and after being nominated Seward’s best hugger, she couldn’t resist coming back for round two to reclaim her title.

Emma's Mantra: He who controls the Spice controls the universe. 

Emma's Mantra: He who controls the Spice controls the universe. 

Probably one of our best nappers and berry eaters, Emma’s Alaskan spirit animal is clearly the black bear. After hibernating this winter with various crafting projects to keep her busy, Emma road tripped it up to Alaska adventuring along the way. When asked why she loves to guide, “I love showing folks the wildlife and talking to them about the natural environment of course, but what really drives me is the opportunity to feed people random edible plants growing on the side of the trail.”

Emma has paddled all around Bar Harbor, Maine and backpacked through Ecuador, Chile and the American Southwest. Her next big adventure hopes to be hiking the East Coast Trail along the coast of Newfoundland. Two of Emma’s favorites things in life are rocks and puns and she doesn’t want to have to fault you for taking the beautiful natural world around us for granite so please come out and join Emma on the water!

~ Danny