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Off-Season Antics: Arthur Kampmann

Ferry Ride, Arthur Kampmann, Chile

My brother Pete and I scored two of the last seats on a 32 hour ferry ride that would take us to The southern most town in the world! This ride starts out leaving Punta Arenas, Chile and riding in the famous Strait of Magellan. This was wild as we watched penguins and seals playing as the sunset. A great first day on the boat!

I woke up the next day to the boat crashing in waves around 6 am and went out to enjoy the chaos. The captain got us back into the protected fjords and we watched a pretty epic sunrise and drank bottomless cups of coffee! Throughout the day we cruised in epic fjords seeing humpback whales and tidewater glaciers and I felt like I was right back in Alaska. Around sunset we entered the beagle channel and approached puerto Williams where Pete and I were heading to do the Dientes del Navarino backpacking circuit, but the ride wasn’t over as we watched a humpback whale breach over and over as a welcome to Tierra del Fuego! 

Kampmann Brothers, Chile
Glacier Viewing, Arthur Kampmann, Chile
Arthur Kampmann, Chile

The backpacking trip proved to be just as amazing as our boat ride. We got all types of weather which is normal for this part of the world. This backpacking circuit is extremely difficult terrain because beavers were introduced here and they altered most of the landscape. With 7 difficult mountain passes and navigating very wet marshlands this trip proved to be the test we were looking for. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who is looking to have a ton of fun and also a ton of suffering! 

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Arthur Kampmann, Chile