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A Lesson in Building Community From the Best Group of Guides Around

As busy season approaches us in our small town of Seward, Alaska, we are thankful to have a wonderful group of guides who are fun, energetic, thoughtful, caring, and all around great people. Most of these guides met each other just over a month ago and yet you can tell the bonds that have already formed will be long lasting and contribute to a successful summer not only in business, but in friendship and community. 

We take pride in a training program that not only includes kayak skill development, but also focuses on community building, self-discovery, and leadership skills. We don't just want our guides to be able to work well together, but we at Sunny Cove value a sense of community and want our guides to feel connected to each other, the environment, and the community around them. Take a look below at some ways we have had fun bonding together as a team so far this summer.

Here we have our winning members of our annual training scavenger hunt around Seward. A great way to learn about the area while having some fun along the way. Did you know Seward was home to Mile 0 of the historic Iditarod Trail?? A little competition, friendly competition, can be a useful team building tool. 

When one of your guides says chocolate is her favorite thing in the world, then you buy her A LOT of chocolate! Happy guides = good business...for us and the chocolate store. 

Sunny Cove is famous for our salmon nachos fiestas. You burn quite a few calories on the water so community meals are the way to go to replace those calories and build comradery.

We also encourage our guides to embrace their inner child. If they want to dress up like an orca, we let them dress up like an orca. Who doesn't like orcas?

Finally, a big reason our guides get along is they have an appreciation for the unique differences we all bring to the table. Case in point, Bobby (on the left) is a good friend of mine despite the fact he works for a different kayak company and roots for the wrong baseball team. Alaska brings up people from all over the world with different personalities, skills, and backgrounds and learning to celebrate what makes us all unique goes a long way to building a positive community of guides.

Truth be told, while we do our best to facilitate an environment that leads to the formation of a great team of guides, it wouldn't be possible without truly amazing, good people to set the foundation. With the summer season under way, we are blessed to have a team of 13 incredible individuals who are on pace to make the 2017 Sunny Cove crew one of its best yet. We hope you get the chance to meet them out on the water this summer!

~ Danny