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All Good Things...

As August comes to a close today, the end of season mood is in the air. Evening temperatures drop into the 30s as the days are filled with the brisk cool air of fall; northern winter storms are getting a head start as gale force winds blow across the bay for the 2nd time this week; the Northern Lights have begun making an appearance as the sun disappears more each day giving way to the dark evening skies; and we have already started saying our goodbyes to our friends who have journeyed back to their fall and winter commitments (we miss you JD!). 

Just three guys hanging out on an uninhabited Alaskan island

Just three guys hanging out on an uninhabited Alaskan island

With the official end of season just a week away, we all have been reminiscing on the memorable summer of 2015. Here are some of the highlights with our own Top 10 list...

1. Busy busy busy! In my three years working at Sunny Cove, this has been by far the busiest summer yet which meant showing and teaching more people about our beautiful and wild backyard. 

2. Always fun when you have a celebrity sighting and this year we were excited to meet and take out a member of the country band Lonestar

3. We then proceeded to sing Lonestar's big hit Amazed in a karaoke battle with a fellow kayak company in town and our rendition of Titanic's My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion brought down the house and was the decisive blow in a close, but decisive victory for Sunny Cove.  

4. Sunny Cove hosted a few fun gatherings including our annual polka party and salmon nacho night. Delish!

Lifting a glass at the annual Sunny Cove Polka Party

Lifting a glass at the annual Sunny Cove Polka Party

5. One of our guides got into an epic fight with the thorns of a raspberry bush where the raspberry bush won by knockout. But don't worry, after two weeks of wearing an eye patch, he made a full recovery. The rematch takes place next summer. 

6. Whales! The whales were epic this summer. From the porpoise eating orca who was so close that I felt the spray of the blow to the dozen bubblenet feeding humpback whales who came up feet from two of our guides in a video that went viral worldwide, the whales definitely did not disappoint this summer. 

7. We named a juvenile harbor seal who decided to become a member of the Fox Island Sunny Cove family. Known as Little Richard, he could be found following our kayaks regularly around the  island often giving guests a treat by popping up next to their boats and playing with the rudders on the kayaks. 

8. In a wind storm for the ages, a large Sitka Spruce blew over on our property destroying our car port and hitting our gear building. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the next day remnants were a good reminder of the extreme weather conditions we can get up in Alaska. 

9. Damage can be done not only by nature, but mankind as well as rookie guide Arthur learned. Lesson to be learned for all you folks out there, don't fall asleep while cooking fries in the oven. Thankfully Bobby was there to save the day, but not before our guide cabin visibility hit zero before Smokey the Bear came to air out the premises. 

10. Day Off Adventures! Our guides definitely took advantage of their free time this year. From exploring our eastern fjord Day Harbor, to planting our flag on Hive and Rugged Island, to hiking Lost Lake, Mount Alice, Bear Mountain, the list goes on. Our guides definitely knew how to appreciate the environment that surrounded them and they made the most of their time up in Alaska this summer. 

But let's not get too ahead of ourselves as there is still plenty of time left to enjoy. President Obama makes his way to Seward tomorrow to visit Kenai Fjords National Park, we still have a week left of fun filled adventures on the water, and our crew will be taking over the town of Homer for an end of season celebration. Life is a blessing that we have been fortunate to share together this summer so as we conclude this season of awesomeness, we at Sunny Cove will always remember that all good things...continue on. 

~ Danny