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Staff Spotlight: Tara

Meet Tara. Tara is one of the youngest guides on staff and comes from that tech savvy generation that is always on some sort of electronic device. For a while, we thought Tara had a rare super glue accident as a kid that caused her phone to be stuck to her hand 24/7, but we later found out she does put the phone down while taking a shower. She's not very proud of this, but after an embarrassing kayak collision with a large rock while texting, she has become an advocate for safe kayaking and wants to help pass a law making it illegal to text and kayak in the Pacific Ocean. If you are lucky enough to get Tara as your guide, she has promised to limit talking to her mother on her cell phone to only once an hour so she has plenty of time to show you around this awesome place we call home. Tara is a great addition to our crew and here's a bit more about her!

This is Tara on her phone. We tried getting a picture of her not on her phone, but we are pretty sure one does not exist.

This is Tara on her phone. We tried getting a picture of her not on her phone, but we are pretty sure one does not exist.

Hometown: Mill Valley, California

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Chocolate...I also once made the perfect lemon bundt cake

Favorite TV Show: LOST

Favorite Movie: Frozen

Favorite Book: What's a book? Is it one of those things you can download and read on your phone?

Favorite Sports Team: San Francisco Giants

Certifications/Degrees: Wilderness First Responder, CPR, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Spanish

Number one item of bucket list: Live in South America and become fluent in Spanish

Best Life Experience: Downloading Snapchat 

Best Alaskan Experience: Working for Sunny Cove! Also backpacking in Denali last summer

Why I love to guide: Sharing the beauty of the area and the rich local and cultural history with people who are excited to be here is very rewarding. Also, I get to be outside everyday seeing incredible wildlife and playing on the water. 

Fun Fact: I am the only person in my family whose middle name does not begin with the letter A. 

Personal Statement: TARA (Tenacious, Agile, Robust, Adventurous) I have been an acrostic poet for as long as I can remember. Must have been inspired by my surroundings growing up on the coast of Northern California. After graduating Colgate University in 2014, I set out to find more inspiration for my poetry. I have traveled through Europe and all over the United States and seen not nearly enough of the world. I have worked in the U.S. Senate and the headquarters of the International Emissions Trading Association in Geneva, Switzerland, and am still looking for that fabled "dream job" (though this one comes pretty close!). I can't wait to keep exploring Alaska and beyond, though maybe I'll take a break from the poetry.