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Staff Spotlight: Arthur

We still have a few more new guides to introduce the world to and next up in Arthur. Arthur is from Connecticut and brings a little northeastern flare out to Alaska. He likes for people to call him King Arthur, but nobody ever does so you can just call him Arthur...or Archer as many guests on our trips accidentally refer to him as. He is dating a princess so Prince Arthur makes more sense, but yeah, just call him Archer. Sorry, got sidetracked there...Anyway, Arthur is pretty cool most of the time and has impressed us all with his sophisticated language when using words like dope and tight and hella sick to refer to the cool things he sees on the water. If you are looking for a dope trip to be a part of, request Archer and he will show you a hella sick time! All kidding aside, we are thrilled to have Arthur on board and keep reading below to learn more about our prince...

Hometown: Riverside, Connecticut

Favorite Food: Avocado

Favorite TV Show: Archer

Favorite Movie: Zoolander

Favorite Book: Over the Edge of the World

Favorite Sports Team: New York Rangers

Certifications/Degrees: Wilderness First Responder, CPR, and I graduated college!

Number one item of bucket list: To live in a yurt #winning

Best Life Experience: Being born...remember it like it was yesterday!

Best Alaskan Experience: The inexpensive cost of living...because I have achieved my life dream and live in a yurt with 8 people. 

Why I love to guide: I love being able to show people the outdoors.

Fun Fact: Have I mentioned that I live in a yurt and love it?

Personal Statement: I really enjoy being able to show off my new home of Seward. This place is incredible and has so much to offer such as dance night at the Yukon and rainy afternoons at Thorns.