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Staff Spotlight: Kelly

Well aren't you all in for a treat! You get to be introduced one of our newest guides Kelly. Kelly is our local botany expert also known as a plant nerd and boy does she ever love her plants. On her days off, she often spends time taking the various shapes of the local trees in the neighborhood and holds the Alaskan record for standing as still as a Sitka Spruce for an incredible 26 hours. If you end up on one of her trips, ask her to do her interpretive dance of a blueberry bush blossoming in the summer until it is picked clean by bears in the fall. It truly is a sight to see. Anyway, keep on reading to learn more about Kelly!

Hometown: Sebastopol, California...we eat apples and surf the gnarliest waves. 

Favorite Food: Thai food or sushi...and anything homemade by awesome people. 

Favorite TV Show: I haven't had cable in years... #guideproblems

Favorite Movie: Babe

Favorite Book: Can't pick a favorite, but my favorite genres tend to be science based, stories of people's lives and adventures, Agatha Christy mystery novels...she keeps you on your toes!

Favorite Sports Team: San Francisco Giants!!!! Loyal fan since 1990. 

Certifications/Degrees: Wilderness First Responder, CPR, SCUBA certified, and I studied botany (plant nerd) and Outdoor Adventure Leadership, and Business Administration, and Scientific Diving for my undergraduate degree. I was busy...oh, and I'm a self-certified epic adventurer! 

Number one item of bucket list: Too many to choose from. I'm quite positive anything on that list involves water, travel, kayaking, and adventure.

Best Life Experience: Kayaking with whales and ice and big mountains and great people in ALASKA!!! DUH! Honorable mention goes to growing up in a beautiful place that taught me how to live an inspiring live in the out of doors and adventuring with my partner Andrew. Awwwwww

Best Alaskan Experience: time a juvenile humpback lunge fed in front of me for an hour while I was paddling. No big deal though..

Why I love to guide: I get to travel and see the world in a way that people only get to experience once or not at all in their lifetime. I've met some of the most humble and inspiring people and have witnessed some of the most amazing events Mother Nature (for the record: my phone auto corrected Mother Nature to be capitalized but I whole heartily believe it should be) and this world have to offer us. I am humbled everyday to call the out of doors my office and my home.

Personal Statement: "Adventure time!" "Also, as humans of this earth, I believe we all have an individual uniqueness and can use the amazing power of kindness, humor, and love for our passions and people to inspire the people in our lives to do what they love and to make the world a more peaceful and amazing place to live and play." ~ Kelly

Too mushy? Oh well :-)