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Off Season Fun: Ragnar Florida Keys

We have a great crew of guides ready to roll this summer! But we often get asked what we do during the off season so we thought we would share some stories and experiences of what some of our returning guides have been doing to pass the time while they are away for the winter. Here's what crazy thing Danny did this past weekend...

196 miles...that is the distance from Miami to Key West, Florida. For any runners out there you may have heard of the Ragnar Relay Series and I totally recommend running one. Ragnar is a long distance relay race you do with a group of 12 people and a bunch of my friends just spent last weekend taking turns running from Miami to Key West. Each runner runs 3 legs of the relay along the way and our crew took 30 hours to complete the feat. I was the lucky one who got to run over the 7 mile bridge! Unable to walk the next day, our crew lounged pool side in Key West eating chocolate covered key lime pie and asking ourselves why in the world did we just do that to ourselves :-) All in all, not a bad way to stay in shape for kayak season and spend a weekend in sunny Florida while the rest of the country deals with blizzards and freezing temperatures! 

But make no mistake, I'm ready to be back in Alaska and excited that summer is just around the corner!