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Cold, no snow...might as well hike!

Our days are getting longer, as they should in mid-January.  However, there is very important thing missing from our winter so far...snow.  No snow in Alaska?  Can it be true?  Apparently yes.  We've had a warmer than normal winter so far, with temps hovering in the mid-30's with rain.  Last week the temps dropped, at last.  We ended up getting a few inches of snow, but really, nothing worth noting fell below 3,000 feet.  Above 3,000 feet?  Well, barely worth noting.  So, what does a person do when cross country and alpine skiing are virtually off the list?  Hike!  

One of the 'bonuses' of a lack of snow is good hiking conditions.  We decided to head out to explore Meridian, Grayling and Leech lakes.  All in all, we ended up with a beautiful day, the dogs loved it and at nearly 7 miles we earned our dinners.