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A Day in the Life of a Guide: Off Season!

See you in May 2015!

See you in May 2015!

Many of you may wonder what happens to our staff members when the season winds down.  Once the kayaks have been readied for winter and all the gear is stowed, most of our staff takes a bit of time to travel before heading to their winter destinations.  Some may be off to see family in Wisconsin, California, Missouri, Florida, New Jersey and all points between.  Others take time to further explore Alaska, perhaps before driving the Alaska Canadian Highway south.   Some may spend the entire winter traveling but most will eventually land at a winter destination.  

Perhaps the most popular winter employment option is anything involving skiing or snowboarding.  Several of our guides have scattered to Colorado and Utah while a few have stayed closer, drifting just two hours north to Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska.  Other prefer to winter in warmer climates, landing in places like Florida, St. Thomas or Hawaii.  

Wherever the wanderlust takes us, we tend to make a point to make our winter plans FUN while we await another summer of adventure in Alaska!