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Training 2017 - A Peek Into Sunny Cove's Training Program

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a professional sea kayaking guide with Sunny Cove? The list of skills needed to make it as a guide with Sunny Cove is long!  Before guides even arrive in Seward they have already been through an extensive application process and have obtained a Wilderness First Responder certification.  They also have a huge study guide they need to review before arriving. 

When they arrive in Seward the hands on training begins! The first 12 days are filled with sessions covering hard-skills, soft-skills, interpretation and team building.

Our hard-skills sessions begin at the Seward High School pool and then progress to practicing in Resurrection Bay. We cover self-rescue, assisted-rescue, strokes and much, much drysuits of course!

We also spend a lot of time going over trip routes, naturalist information, interpretation, communication skills, team building and getting familiar with our local areas. And of course we paddle...a lot!

One of our most anticipated sessions is our visit into Kenai Fjords National Park! Our guides absolutely love kayaking near tidewater glaciers...and we had an absolutely glorious weather to kayak!

This is just a short summary of 3+ week long training program. What do you you have what it takes to be a part of the Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking family?

Take Your Cat Kayaking With Sunny Cove!

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get from clients is that they wish they could have brought their pet with them. Well, Sunny Cove has heard your pleas and starting this summer, 2017, pet cats will be allowed on all 3-hour Lowell Point trips!!!

Barbie the Beach Cat

Barbie the Beach Cat

You will have two options of where to put your favorite feline. If you decide to purchase an additional seat, your cat will have a cockpit all to itself (see below). Keep in mind you will be paddling a tandem kayak by yourself so make sure you are up for the challenge!

Or for just $20 extra, you can purchase our Cat Carry On option where your cat can sit anywhere on the deck of your kayak near your seat (see below). This option is best for those owners who are inseparable from their cats so we always recommend the Cat Carry On option for all crazy cat ladies.

Worried about the safety of your cat? Don’t be! We found 13 random stray cats around Seward and took them kayaking to see how it would work. We found that since cats have such a hatred of water, they stayed in or on the boat in every single test scenario. They also meowed the entire time so clearly they were all having a hoot! You can rest assured knowing your cat will be safe and protected during your entire expedition while having an adventure with you they will never forget.

Unfortunately for you dog lovers out there, we aren’t quite ready to offer the same package with your favorite canine. In our trial runs with 11 different dogs, six of them jumped in the water at the first sign of wildlife and we were only able to convince 3 of them to get back in the boat while the other 3 chased after a pack of Steller sea lions. We have our fingers crossed they eventually swam back to shore and found their owners. We will be doing more tests this summer to hopefully figure out a way to allow dogs on board next year so stay tuned!

From all of us at Sunny Cove, have a great April Fools’ Day and we hope to see you and your feline friend on the water.


~ Danny